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  • Polishing & Restoration

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    • Gallery Image - Travertine-Kitchen-Floor-Before-And-After.jpg
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    • Gallery Image - Travertine-Hallway-Floor-Restoration-Before-And-After.jpg
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    Polishing & Restoration

    We can restore your commercial or residential floors, walls, bathrooms, etc. and bring them back to life.


    When using our marble and limestone cleaning, polishing and restoration services you are getting the best. MARBLELIFE polishes and restores more marble than anyone else in the industry. Simply enter your zip code and request a free estimate and a MARBLELIFE trained craftsman will contact you to discuss your marble restoration and care needs.


    We have a variety of marble safe cleaners to choose from to help your natural stone surface keep its beauty. Whether you are looking for a marble cleaner, need a marble cleaning or seeking someone knowledgeable in marble cleaning, marble polishing or marble restoration you have come to the right place.


    Whether you are seeking to

    • clean,
    • repair a chip, crack, scratch, or acid etch,
    • polish a dull spot, or simply seeking
    • a maintenance polish


    MARBLELIFE can restore your stone to its original quality appearance. Once your marble is restored MARBLELIFE will provide you guidance on the appropriate care, cleaners and maintenance to keep your marble surfaces looking their best for years to come.


    Need a marble cleaner? Check out our Marble&Travertine Cleanser (formerly Intercare Cleanser) in the product section.

    With 50+ locations, more than 100 MARBLELIFE trained craftsman, centuries of combined experience, MARBLELIFE has the experience necessary to care for your marble in a timely professional manner. Each marble restoration begins with a detailed assessment of the stone's condition, probably causes, and best restoration approach by a MARBLELIFE trained craftsman.

    Let Us Bring Your Marble Back to Life!